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1st birthday

2015-07-14_0006My baby turned one back in June. I am still kind of in denial…Hard to believe how fast time can go (after 4 you would think I have it figured out!) Here are a few of her photos. I had the privilege working with Quail Run Ranch, in Newport, WA. Sonya is wonderful and helped make the photos…2015-07-14_0005

2015-07-14_0007I also have to tell a confession of a photographermom (the other-side of the story). I worked so hard to get all these “perfect” photos. All the things that people would worry about happened to me! We had to do this over two weeks, the first time the cake showed up all wrong, the kids got strawberry juice on her, her outfit was still WAY too big, she ended up in a onesie, and icing on the cake was she started to having a melt down…Next time, the wind was blowing so hard nothing would stay where I set it, Abby had another melt down and we had to take a three hour intermission for a nap, the lighting then was awful, and things were still not quite the “Perfect” that everyone on pintrest has or people come to me for. It didn’t come together at ALL for me…After awhile I just gave up, she crawled over to her mini-mobile, smashed cake all over, took off her shoes and hair pretty, looked at me and laughed. As a mom I started to captured those. Now as I look at them in the end yes I love the beautiful timeless looking collection I got, however, I also ADORE my crazy messy wonderful life! 🙂 Sometimes things aren’t like we think they should be…They are BETTER! -WiNK




Sometimes Life is Messy-My Fairy tale ending

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