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wink-photography-washington-Spokane-Life services-peacock ball-proposal-danceI have dreamed of doing a session and getting the Actual Proposal on camera. My dream came true Saturday Night at the Peacock Ball- (with Life Services of Spokane, Washington) as this young lady’s dream of her Prince Charming dropping to a knee …Happened. It was a perfect fairy-tale Proposal. Come on! What girl doesn’t like an Ever After story!? Getting dressed up for the masked ball, and dancing the night away with her young man, and icing on the cake was the proposal! I am so incredibly excited for these two to start a life together they complement each other well, and this is a Stunning Way to start their adventure for sure! Congratulations!!! I was so blessed to be a part of your story. Dreams really do come true! Thank you- WiNK


wink-photography-washington-Spokane-Life services-ball-peacock-proposal-4


wink-photography-washington-Spokane-Life services-ball-peacock-proposal-6


wink-photography-washington-Spokane-Life services-ball-peacock-proposal-12


wink-photography-washington-Spokane-Life services-ball-peacock-proposal-19


wink-photography-washington-Spokane-Life services-ball-peacock-proposal-20


wink-photography-washington-Spokane-Life services-ball-peacock-proposal-24

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