wink-photography-spokane-newport-washingtonr-priest river-oldtown-idaho-mylife-2The Story behind Wink Photography. I started taking photos with a film camera when I was 14. After a year my dad gave me a cheap digital for my birthday because I was getting very expensive!  My passion never died as I kept upgrading each year.wink-photography-washington-Spokane-Life services-ball-peacock-10

Currently I am married with four children. I love being a Mother, and Wife but this lady likes to have time to get out and  sharing my photography with the world helps give that outlet. I enjoy finding those candid moments and freezing those precious memories in time. It is a way for me and my clients to journal our life and relive those special times again and again.

I love scrapbooking as well but limited time has put the light out on scrapbooking and now my photos tell me the story of my life. I love looking back and seeing not only my supportive growing family but how my photographing skills have developed over the years.

I have done a few semesters of collage classes, which were awesome. I won rookie of the year 2011 from the Lander Chamber of Commerce.

I am grateful to my family and friends for letting my photo geek out and practice on them. I am also thankful to God for giving me not only the love for what I do, but the talent in what I do. There is no shortage of miracles in seeing the world in awe and wonder as he has created!




A big part of my style to capture real people for who they are. Everyone comes into a photo shoot nervous and not knowing how to pose or smile in a pleasing way. It is a great joy for me to help all my clients relax in an inspiring environment where I can assist them in being totally themselves while they laugh and play in front of the camera.


Life is crazy, messy, unpredictable, and not perfect all the time but it totally shapes who we are and makes up who we are. That IS REAL life…, whether that means a grouchy faced little kid or a mama who is not size 0. Real life is very beautiful to me and that naturally reflects in all my photography.


We are all equal in loving our life and having fun making our own memories. My goal is to bring the value of genuine people, just being who we are back into the artistic world of photography.

Serving the Priest River, Oldtown, Newport, Spokane, Couer d’Alene, Postfalls, Sandpoint areas