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Who came to the ball?

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As you know I went to the Annual Peacock Ball in Spokane this past weekend, and you know I photographed an AMAZING Proposal….but here is a fun fact!

wink-photography-washington-Spokane-Life services-ball-peacock-proposal



wink-photography-washington-Spokane-Life services-ball-peacock-proposal-13I saw this gorgeous piece on this young ladies hand, and didn’t have a chance to ask where they got it. and then I was editing all their photos and I was like …I KNOW this ARTIST! This has to be the one and only Elin with Fleur de Lis Floral & Home. “It just has to be!” I thought to myself….and Sure enough I asked┬áthem later and it IS! Lady I love your work! and I love showing up at a Ball where every detail was PERFECT for a fairy-tale proposal and this is another reason she is so good! For REAL! “Any Budget, Any Dream, Any Fantasy” and this is PROOF that she does pull off pure magic to make details in a perfect moment even more perfect.

wink-photography-washington-Spokane-Life services-peacock ball-proposal-ring-3

(small note, these photos of the ring where taken the next night, after a full night of dancing and being left out. Good Quality work for sure!!!)


Another Real Life Cinderella Story

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wink-photography-washington-Spokane-Life services-peacock ball-proposal-danceI have dreamed of doing a session and getting the Actual Proposal on camera. My dream came true Saturday Night at the Peacock Ball- (with Life Services of Spokane, Washington) as this young lady’s dream of her Prince Charming dropping to a knee …Happened. It was a perfect fairy-tale Proposal. Come on! What girl doesn’t like an Ever After story!? Getting dressed up for the masked ball, and dancing the night away with her young man, and icing on the cake was the proposal! I am so incredibly excited for these two to start a life together they complement each other well, and this is a Stunning Way to start their adventure for sure! Congratulations!!! I was so blessed to be a part of your story. Dreams really do come true! Thank you- WiNK


wink-photography-washington-Spokane-Life services-ball-peacock-proposal-4


wink-photography-washington-Spokane-Life services-ball-peacock-proposal-6


wink-photography-washington-Spokane-Life services-ball-peacock-proposal-12


wink-photography-washington-Spokane-Life services-ball-peacock-proposal-19


wink-photography-washington-Spokane-Life services-ball-peacock-proposal-20


wink-photography-washington-Spokane-Life services-ball-peacock-proposal-24


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Alright, for those of you following my blog, thank you. Here is the update on February’s Playdate theme is……

“Unveiled Love”┬á

This set will totally have the shabby chic feel again stay tuned for more photo updates ­čÖé


11221857_1030465893666223_1911810435438611783_oThe verse


This and that’s that will be Re-purposed into something Gorgeous just wait for it! ­čÖé


As promised!

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Alright, here are a few more dreamy, captivating, PRICELESS photos from the birth session I photographed this morning. Life is such a Miracle! Even though I am a mother these moments still leave me in AWE, Wonder and take my Breath away!! <3

#Motherhood #loveatfirstsight

wink-photography-newport- washington-birth-home-family-yay-it's a girl-2-2

Daddy already completely in Love with His little Girl!

wink-photography-newport- washington-birth-home-family-yay-it's a girl-6



Precious red headed sweetie!

wink-photography-newport- washington-birth-home-family-yay-it's a girl-7


Sweet little Family bonding moment…


wink-photography-newport- washington-birth-home-family-yay-it's a girl-10

This is a DREAM photo for all the Reasons to LOVE a HOME BIRTH! Even down to the steaming coffee and bacon in hand by daddy as he ADORES His Ladies! ­čÖé

wink-photography-newport- washington-birth-home-family-yay-it's a girl-11

No better Start!

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There is no better start to a day then getting a call to go photograph and BIRTH! So I rushed out and here is a SNEAK PEEK of this wonderful morning I had….more later, but I got to get my boys to basketball practice…Congratulations on the wee baby GIRL!


wink-photography-newport- washington-birth-home-family-yay-it's a girl wink-photography-newport- washington-birth-home-family-yay-it's a girl-4 wink-photography-newport- washington-birth-home-family-yay-it's a girl-5 wink-photography-newport- washington-birth-home-family-yay-it's a girl-8

Gender reveal-baby W

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wink-photography-priest river-idaho-reveal-baby-announcement-family-yay-it's a girl-2

Well not much better start to the day then getting to share in the excitement of not only announcing the baby gender to friends and family but also to the parents!!! ­čśÇ It has been a Dream of mine to actually have parents not find out and photograph them opening the gender on camera. Today that dream came true… Oh and I wasn’t disappointed! These photos are so PRICELESS!!! Congratulations guys on the new baby…..

wink-photography-priest river-idaho-reveal-baby-announcement-family-yay-it's a girl-5


wink-photography-priest river-idaho-reveal-baby-announcement-family-yay-it's a girl-7

Just in case you can’t see ….IT’S A GIRL! ­čśë

wink-photography-priest river-idaho-reveal-baby-announcement-family-yay-it's a girl-27

To ponder the Joy of motherhood


PlayDate with WiNK

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Here is the Sneak Peek of our next PlayDate with WiNK- January 16th at Hankel House Coffee shop from 10am-2pm…Mark your calendar and come stop by and see me! Theme “Heavenly Rest”


wink-photography-priest river-idaho-mylife-heavenly rest


Ps, Make sure you keep checking back for future playdate updates. Thank you!!!




Ringing in the New Year (2016)

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wink-photography-spokane-washingtonr-merry christmas-twinkle lights-3Good Evening,


As I ponder all that this last year has been, at first I felt disappointed at all the things I didn’t do, that didn’t happen, and how much I expected out of myself that I didn’t measure up to. Then I started looking at all the photos from my 2015 year and started to cry. My year wasn’t all that I thought it should have been but it was SO much MORE. It was FULL…I got to meet a lot of new people, events that I got to attend, and famous people I got to have dinner with, photographed some of the most EPIC photos I have done to this date, tried my hand at new things, watched my children start to thrive in our new place and in their school, I welcomed more family members into our family, and all around have watched God do incredible things in our lives this year. 2015 was a FULL year and very wonderful.




wink-photography-spokane-newport-washingtonr-priest river-oldtown-idaho-4

As I look forward to the dawn of a new year I am already full of anticipation for endless┬ápossibilities┬áthat 2016 is bringing with it and in wonder at how could it really be any better then this last year. However, I am excited to be planning a trip back to Wyoming to meet and photograph a coming niece (or nephew) and I am hoping to catch up with some favorite clients from Lander at that time as well. (JULY- Save the dates coming SOON!) I am also hoping to plan a trip to the coast and see my grandparents, as well as show my girls the ocean, 4 years is WAY to long to be away! (if you are in the area and looking for photos message me!) Dustin is hoping to go fishing in the Spring run with Grandpa, and I cannot WAIT to sink my teeth into fresh salmon! lol. ┬áI am even looking forward to turning the big 3-0 this next summer. I am excited for all my friends getting married this year, and having babies. What a thrill to celebrate LIFE with them. Also, excited to be continuing my Playdates this year (TOTALLY OPEN FOR THEME IDEAS! ­čśë ┬á) I am hoping to work with new local artist and business this year…There are actually so many things that we are looking forward to trying and adventures that await us for 2016 and I welcome it with open arms!

Thank you to everyone that was part of our year in 2015, I am blessed to have so many people in my life….YOU make my life FULL! <3

┬áHere’s to 2016, Happy NEW Year from my family to yours!!! -WiNK


wink-photography-spokane-newport-washingtonr-priest river-oldtown-idaho-mylife-2

2016 PlayDates

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 Playdates with WiNK!   2016 Save the Dates!!!  

January 16th

February 20th

March 19th

April 16th

May 14th

June 11th

July TBD

August TBD

September 17th

October 15th

November 12th

December 3rd

Themes still in the works. Stay tuned and watch for the updates as they get closer! ­čśÇ



Cinderella-real life

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Good Morning!

This post is just something put on my heart when I saw this shot and again as I edited it. So here it goes!

Dear Ladies,

If you are like me and you can relate to something in the┬álook in this women’s eyes. Wondering. Frazzled. Trying to keep up. Unsure.┬áFeeling Unseen. I just wanted to take a moment to encourage the ladies that would read this.

We all have that Cinderella life, where we just desire to dance the night away and be swept off our feet by a prince, yet find ourselves, doing mounds of dishes, laundry, carpool, bake sales, one thing to the next and asking does anyone SEE me? Does this even matter? Yes. Yes it does! Yes YOU DO! So many days it doesn’t feel like a happily ever after story, when I look about my house. However, I know that God is showing me wonderful things about His heart to sweep me off my feet, that He DOES SEE those moments like this and He finds us beautiful, captivating, and all together LOVELY. He is pleased when we allow ourselves to BE who he created us to be and not so much about all the doing. He isn’t as hard on us as we are on ourselves. Take time today to just BE. Mother, Daughter, Wife, Auntie, Grandma, Friend, etc. Whichever hat you are wearing today. Take a moment to Breath and know that He is pleased with you. You are doing a good job. He sees you. He Loves you! ┬áHappily (for)Ever After



wink-photography-spokane-washington-life services-ichoice-rescue-14