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Birth photos -Story telling

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Yesterday started very early for a lot of us. As I was about to head into the Newport Hospital my phone goes off and tells me my sister got bumped. So we made a bunch of changes to my plan for the day and just prayed more. Praying for whoever it was that was in the emergency c-section, and for peace for my sister while she waited. Then started to wonder if it mattered that I wanted so badly to go take pictures. I mean come on it’s just pictures, and it’s probably not that big of a deal, and you will just be sitting in the room for about two hours waiting, I told myself. However, my heart cried that it mattered to me and I was going to be there no matter what. So I shuffled my four kiddos around and got them settled (with my awesome babysitter! 😉 ) Drove up to the hospital and much to my surprise and GREAT OVERWHELMING JOY, they invited me in to the O.R. to welcome my niece! I can’t really put into words all the things that ran through my mind or continue to go through my mind as I am still in shock and awe over getting to be part of this incredible moment in time. I feel like I got to bond with my sister like never before. I feel like Only my loving Heavenly Father could have worked the details to grant me the deep desire of my heart to be there. I feel like it’s just the beginning of amazing testimonies ahead. I feel like it does matter, the photos from this take my breath away and move me to tears, every time I look through them. I am overwhelmed by LOVE. Love from family. Love from our heavenly Father who gives good gifts and desires to do IMPOSSIBLE things made POSSIBLE for us! I am not a writer, or very good with words, but the Lord is showing me that pictures really can be worth a thousand words, and that they are the story…of Laughter, Love, and Life. Enjoy the story


Also I would like to add….I have a new RESPECT and PROUD of my sister (all women) who have to have C-sections…watching this was mind blowing to just what you go through. <3


    wink-photography-newport-washingtion-birth-newborn-family-7wink-photography-newport-washingtion-birth-newborn-family-2-3wink-photography-newport-washingtion-birth-newborn-familywink-photography-newport-washingtion-birth-newborn-family-3-2   wink-photography-newport-washingtion-birth-newborn-family-5-2   wink-photography-newport-washingtion-birth-newborn-family-8  First Family photo with 5!

wink-photography-newport-washingtion-birth-newborn-family-11  So many happy greeters! 🙂wink-photography-newport-washingtion-birth-newborn-family-3

wink-photography-newport-washingtion-birth-newborn-family-12 Little Big brother finally came around…




I would like to thank the Staff at the Hospital again. You guys were so amazing to work with and so watchful, caring and tender in taking care of our family yesterday. <3 <3 <3 THANK YOU! I am still in shock and awe even today that you blessed me by inviting me into the O.R. and letting me be a part of something so special! THANK YOU! Pam this one is for you. THANK YOU!


A few more of my sweet beautiful niece…. Thank you Auntie Kris, for all the prizes! 😉 Pics as promised! <3






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Posting Behind the Scenes at Playdates

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I was thinking about it…and so I am just posting a quick post showing how our wonderful Hankel House Coffee Shop in Oldtown. Lets us Transform it into our playdates with WiNK.

wink-photography-idaho-behind the sence

We have two more left for this year. It’s so hard to believe that it’s been 10 months already of doing these playdates. It’s been challenging on a few of the months for me, but well worth it and so much fun to look back at the photos. _MG_2989

Here’s a glimpses of how 4 kids can change from month to month. Our next Playdate is Set for November 14th 10am-2pm. Then December 5th will wrap up one whole year! 🙂 Themes are Thanksgiving/fall & Christmas. Follow us and see peeks and updates on themes on Facebook.






ALSO stay tuned for the release of NEXT YEARS DATES! Yes, that’s RIGHT! wink-photography-idaho-oldtown-playdates-family-beach-58

We will be continuing on Playdates with WiNK. 😀 Next year will be a little different as my boys have had a few special requests already as to themes! If you have an awesome idea for a playdate that you would like to submit for consideration please feel free to message me.

 -Thanks, WiNK_MG_3390

Miller Youth

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What a great time to just snap a few photos, of a couple of HLCA students. It’s always a little chilly to get up and brave the cold but these guys did it and I just love morning sessions. We got a couple of awesome photos really quick before the school bell rang! 😀

wink-photography-idaho-oldtown-hlca-school-2015-4 wink-photography-idaho-oldtown-hlca-school-2015-5 wink-photography-idaho-oldtown-hlca-school-2015-8


J -girls

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I was invited out to a family ranch just out of Priest River, Idaho. And we caught great lighting and a bunch of fall colors. 🙂 I can’t believe how fast these sweethearts have grown since I have moved here and gotten to photograph them each year.

wink-photography-idaho-priest river-fall-kids-2 wink-photography-idaho-priest river-fall-kids-4 wink-photography-idaho-priest river-fall-kids-5

Tori Senior

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Oh how I love this young lady! She is one of our favorite babysitters, and I had the honor of doing some photos for her. I could not be happier with how getting up early and braving the cold made these turn out! It was sunny and beautiful in Priest river that morning and I kind of was a little bummed because the day before was so so so foggy and cool….dropped over into Newport WA, and BAM! FOG! God is so good to me! I just love how mysterious, beautiful, captivating, and stunning she is and the weather matched perfectly! Enjoy, Congratulations to another 2016 senior!

wink-photography-idaho-oldtown-senior-2016 wink-photography-idaho-oldtown-senior-2016-4 wink-photography-idaho-oldtown-senior-2016-5 wink-photography-idaho-oldtown-senior-2016-9 wink-photography-idaho-oldtown-senior-2016-fall

Garrett Senior

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I had so much fun doing some photos at her house and then running over to Albany cove. I have loved getting to know this whole family a lot!



It was really challenging to have her hand me a part vision for a photo and then trying to create it, this is kind of what came out of it. but I LOVE it! So Thanks lady for the challenge! 😀



This one is a special thanks to her mom for wanting her to wear the dress. It was a beautiful dress and I think it looks great in the vintage tint edit. 🙂 Congratulations!


Jones Senior

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A sound universally understood…


(Not to worry no one was harmed in the making of these photos! ) 




Wither dressed up or in camo this session was just great! 🙂 Tons of good shots to choose from! 🙂



For the love of the dog and old car/trucks …The vintage tint edit…I am telling you, I LOVE IT! 😀



Rockin’ The suit look James! Totally rad old truck and bright blue skies just make these shots stinking FABULOUS!




I got a little lost trying to find my way to their propriety but being a little late made us catch this AWESOME ending to the day. Totally worth it!


Wells Family

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This girlfriend just got a new home! 🙂 so we had to get a photo, which just led us to more wonderful photos at her parents farm. wink-photography-idaho-priestriver-family-newhouse (2)


More wonderful fall colors…(I know! I can’t help it!)





I love the blue vintage tint of edits on their session the best! 🙂 wink-photography-idaho-priestriver-family-newhouse-13




P Family

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By now I am SO SURE that everyone knows how much I have been enjoying the COLORS of fall this year. But Here we go again and I have to say….MORE COLOR!!! 😀 I love it! Check out these AWE-MAZING photos! <3 this family. Thanks guys for letting me do your photos!

 wink-photography-idaho-priestriver-fall-colorfamily-3 wink-photography-idaho-priestriver-fall-colorfamily-28 wink-photography-idaho-priestriver-fall-colorfamily-54 wink-photography-idaho-priestriver-fall-colorfamily-66 These last ones look like a fairy-tale!

Life- Baby showers

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This is a life post. I got to help put together the baby shower for my sis. I just wanted to share a few photos from that! 🙂







<3  I love how it came together!


 The colors were sweet and fun. Anna and I had a wonderful time painting all the decor

My children are so blessed to get to grow up with cousins!









I love my family!




A Fun Grandma Photo! 😀


(I do cover some events like this if you were interest feel free to message me)