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Boy or Girl?

I had the privilege of doing this session last week. I am SO DANG EXCITE! 🙂 I am going to have a little NIECE in November! 😀 #thrilled


wink-photography-genderreveal-oldtown-idaho-babies-70 wink-photography-genderreveal-oldtown-idaho-babies-2 (2) wink-photography-genderreveal-oldtown-idaho-babies-6 (2) wink-photography-genderreveal-oldtown-idaho-babies-8 (2) wink-photography-genderreveal-oldtown-idaho-babies-25 (2) wink-photography-genderreveal-oldtown-idaho-babies-90 (2) wink-photography-genderreveal-oldtown-idaho-babies-95 (2)

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