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L & D engaged! :)

I got to meet Luke and Daisy and what a fantastic time we had! She got to grow up on this wonderful river front view, here in Priest River Idaho, so we totally had to get a few rocking the Priest River, River front! 🙂 wink-photography-idaho-priestriver-engaged-fall-50






wink-photography-idaho-priestriver-engaged-fall-11All the laughs, and sass. It was just a wonderful time. I pray they find all kinds of terrific sales while they are planning their wedding.

wink-photography-idaho-priestriver-engaged-fall-53A life full of Adventures, Memories,  Love and Respect, (and possibly a house with little feet and giggles, later! 😉 hehehehe ) Thanks so much for letting me capture your memories here at this place and time in your new chapter of life. Congratulations!



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