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Good Morning!

This post is just something put on my heart when I saw this shot and again as I edited it. So here it goes!

Dear Ladies,

If you are like me and you can relate to something in the look in this women’s eyes. Wondering. Frazzled. Trying to keep up. Unsure. Feeling Unseen. I just wanted to take a moment to encourage the ladies that would read this.

We all have that Cinderella life, where we just desire to dance the night away and be swept off our feet by a prince, yet find ourselves, doing mounds of dishes, laundry, carpool, bake sales, one thing to the next and asking does anyone SEE me? Does this even matter? Yes. Yes it does! Yes YOU DO! So many days it doesn’t feel like a happily ever after story, when I look about my house. However, I know that God is showing me wonderful things about His heart to sweep me off my feet, that He DOES SEE those moments like this and He finds us beautiful, captivating, and all together LOVELY. He is pleased when we allow ourselves to BE who he created us to be and not so much about all the doing. He isn’t as hard on us as we are on ourselves. Take time today to just BE. Mother, Daughter, Wife, Auntie, Grandma, Friend, etc. Whichever hat you are wearing today. Take a moment to Breath and know that He is pleased with you. You are doing a good job. He sees you. He Loves you!  Happily (for)Ever After



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