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L & L 50th Celebration

I got to meet this special couple and see all the lives they have touched over 50 years together and still going strong! wink-photography-50th-priest river-idaho-goldenanniversary-62


wink-photography-50th-priest river-idaho-goldenanniversary-55





They had all 8 of his siblings able to come together and attend their celebration.











wink-photography-50th-priest river-idaho-goldenanniversary-15 (2)




This was a very beautiful party at the Priest River event center.

A bunch of talented local vendors came together. Including,


wink-photography-50th-priest river-idaho-goldenanniversaryFlowers by: Floral Traditions, Nisa Bombino




wink-photography-50th-priest river-idaho-goldenanniversary-4-2

Arrangements by: House of Townsend




wink-photography-50th-priest river-idaho-goldenanniversary-3


Food by: Jim & Kerri Martin owners of Beardmore bistro and wine bar (which was FABULOUS!)


wink-photography-50th-priest river-idaho-goldenanniversary-4

 Cake by: Angie Bombino





wink-photography-50th-priest river-idaho-goldenanniversary-6 (2)

There was flash back with Elvis.














wink-photography-50th-priest river-idaho-goldenanniversary-127Aunt was able to join them as well. And of course 300 + other friends and family members, from all over.



wink-photography-50th-priest river-idaho-goldenanniversary-18 (2)

I was blown away to think of just how many lives they had met and been a part of as you looked at the room full and over flowing outside of all the people that came to celebrate them…




wink-photography-50th-priest river-idaho-goldenanniversary-74



All the fun details of the mothers rings…And it was a small way of having them join in the joys

the golden anniversary vase… the dresses… etc…so much fun memories and details.wink-photography-50th-priest river-idaho-goldenanniversary-68



You guys truly are an inspiration! Happy 50th Anniversary! Thank you for letting me be a part of something so special! -WiNK


wink-photography-50th-priest river-idaho-goldenanniversary-136




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