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Ringing in the New Year (2016)

wink-photography-spokane-washingtonr-merry christmas-twinkle lights-3Good Evening,


As I ponder all that this last year has been, at first I felt disappointed at all the things I didn’t do, that didn’t happen, and how much I expected out of myself that I didn’t measure up to. Then I started looking at all the photos from my 2015 year and started to cry. My year wasn’t all that I thought it should have been but it was SO much MORE. It was FULL…I got to meet a lot of new people, events that I got to attend, and famous people I got to have dinner with, photographed some of the most EPIC photos I have done to this date, tried my hand at new things, watched my children start to thrive in our new place and in their school, I welcomed more family members into our family, and all around have watched God do incredible things in our lives this year. 2015 was a FULL year and very wonderful.




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As I look forward to the dawn of a new year I am already full of anticipation for endless possibilities that 2016 is bringing with it and in wonder at how could it really be any better then this last year. However, I am excited to be planning a trip back to Wyoming to meet and photograph a coming niece (or nephew) and I am hoping to catch up with some favorite clients from Lander at that time as well. (JULY- Save the dates coming SOON!) I am also hoping to plan a trip to the coast and see my grandparents, as well as show my girls the ocean, 4 years is WAY to long to be away! (if you are in the area and looking for photos message me!) Dustin is hoping to go fishing in the Spring run with Grandpa, and I cannot WAIT to sink my teeth into fresh salmon! lol.  I am even looking forward to turning the big 3-0 this next summer. I am excited for all my friends getting married this year, and having babies. What a thrill to celebrate LIFE with them. Also, excited to be continuing my Playdates this year (TOTALLY OPEN FOR THEME IDEAS! 😉  ) I am hoping to work with new local artist and business this year…There are actually so many things that we are looking forward to trying and adventures that await us for 2016 and I welcome it with open arms!

Thank you to everyone that was part of our year in 2015, I am blessed to have so many people in my life….YOU make my life FULL! <3

 Here’s to 2016, Happy NEW Year from my family to yours!!! -WiNK


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  1. 1-9-2016

    I love your work! But most of all I love your HEART!!! If I can find a way to get you to Michigan, I Will!! <3

    • 1-12-2016

      Awe, Thank you friend! <3 I am praying we find that way soon! 😉

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