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Tori Senior

Oh how I love this young lady! She is one of our favorite babysitters, and I had the honor of doing some photos for her. I could not be happier with how getting up early and braving the cold made these turn out! It was sunny and beautiful in Priest river that morning and I kind of was a little bummed because the day before was so so so foggy and cool….dropped over into Newport WA, and BAM! FOG! God is so good to me! I just love how mysterious, beautiful, captivating, and stunning she is and the weather matched perfectly! Enjoy, Congratulations to another 2016 senior!

wink-photography-idaho-oldtown-senior-2016 wink-photography-idaho-oldtown-senior-2016-4 wink-photography-idaho-oldtown-senior-2016-5 wink-photography-idaho-oldtown-senior-2016-9 wink-photography-idaho-oldtown-senior-2016-fall

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  1. 2-18-2016

    <3 I still love these!
    Thank you Whit!

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