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As you know I went to the Annual Peacock Ball in Spokane this past weekend, and you know I photographed an AMAZING Proposal….but here is a fun fact!

wink-photography-washington-Spokane-Life services-ball-peacock-proposal



wink-photography-washington-Spokane-Life services-ball-peacock-proposal-13I saw this gorgeous piece on this young ladies hand, and didn’t have a chance to ask where they got it. and then I was editing all their photos and I was like …I KNOW this ARTIST! This has to be the one and only Elin with Fleur de Lis Floral & Home. “It just has to be!” I thought to myself….and Sure enough I asked them later and it IS! Lady I love your work! and I love showing up at a Ball where every detail was PERFECT for a fairy-tale proposal and this is another reason she is so good! For REAL! “Any Budget, Any Dream, Any Fantasy” and this is PROOF that she does pull off pure magic to make details in a perfect moment even more perfect.

wink-photography-washington-Spokane-Life services-peacock ball-proposal-ring-3

(small note, these photos of the ring where taken the next night, after a full night of dancing and being left out. Good Quality work for sure!!!)


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